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STOP "Social" Distancing - Start PHYSICAL Distancing!

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Our words are powerful! Let’s find a new way to communicate our global need to keep a safe PHYSICAL distance, or create “EPS,” Expanded Personal Space,” but let’s reduce the use of the phrase, “social distancing.”


At a time of great uncertainty and anxiety throughout our society, we need more socializing, not less. And, in this era of ubiquitous cell phones and new online platforms, that does not have to mean actual “physical” connections. Please do not dismiss the power that a low-tech phone call or even a text can have for someone feeling isolated or panicked right now.

Please, just CONNECT

So, in any way you know how – or in new ways that you can learn – reach out, check in, say hello. Have you been thinking about getting a SKYPE or ZOOM account? They are free, and most of us have the time now to learn online or get someone to walk us through the process. Experiment – send a photo or a video. Be silly – tell old jokes or make up new ones. Use graphics – stick figures can be fun!

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