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How Can I Help You?


Mindfully Managing Challenging Transitions


Anticipating a big change in your life or work?

Trying to navigate a life transition, such as:

  • A new job/career?

  • A marriage/divorce?

  • A birth/adoption?

  • Health changes?

  • A death close to you?

  • A pet trauma?

  • A family crisis?

  • A physical move?

  • Natural/external disaster?

  • An empty nest?

  • Financial loss?

  • Retirement?

Let me partner with you in developing a new pathway to a more hopeful joyful future.



Managing your Career and Life Goals?


  • Struggle with balancing your work life and home life?

  • Work long hours, feel exhausted, and hate your job?

  • Sometimes feel overwhelmed by demands on your time?

  • Feel successful, but not fulfilled?

  • Worry you have lost sight of your bigger goals and dreams?

We can explore your true life goals and decide how to fit your work and career into your ideal life, rather than your life fitting into the small bits of time outside the office!



Balancing Your Life, Work, and Relationships


  • You have no time for yourself?

  • You have lost sight of what you really want?

  • You are busy, exhausted, and bored?

  • Your relationships are suffering because you have trouble focusing?

  • You want to do more to help others, but there's never any time?

  • You have goals and dreams that have never been fulfilled?

We can help you clarify, focus, and execute a plan to get your life in balance and to support you in managing the barriers and obstacles that usually get in the way of your best, well-rounded life.


If you can relate to any of these issues. . .

. . . let me help you explore new perspectives

Partnering with you through challenging transitions -

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