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Coaching Through COVID

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

When I was working on this new website and planning to re-launch my private practice for this month, I had no idea that we would be in the midst of a national and global crisis.

How Can I Help?

It has made me stop and think about my purpose in starting this new practice, and how I can be most helpful. I can, of course, do my best to keep myself and my family safe and healthy so that we don't add to the problems of our medical supply.system. I can also reach out to some of my older neighbors and to my local food pantry to help them get the supplies they need. But, specifically, related to my practice, I realized that I can start this blog, set myself up on Zoom, and offer some virtual support online.

Acknowledge Your Losses

Most of us are struggling with loss related to this pandemic: loss of our routine, loss of income, loss of physical contact and personal connection with loved ones, loss of a sense of safety and security, loss of our plans for this spring, and possibly for this summer. Don't overlook the sadness, grief, and anxiety that can come with these losses. Acknowledge them and express them.

Dig Deep for Gratitude and Giving

I do encourage you, though, in the midst of your disappointments and hardships, to dig deep and remind yourself of what you do have, right now, in this moment. Your children are out of school and causing a big disruption in your routine, and yet, they are home and safe and healthy. You cannot visit your sick friend in the hospital, but there is a bed for her and a medical staff on duty.

Dig deep to find the energy to reach out and help where you can. Be creative and resourceful in discovering ways to support and assist others - by telephone, by text, by email, and by all our amazing social media. Any act of support or generosity could be saving a life.

Recovery Must be a Team Effort

Our recovery as a nation and as a planet will have to be a team effort. There is no way around it. Let's make this an amazing, heartfelt miracle of a recovery by each adding our small, local contributions of kindness and generosity that will add up to millions of stories of life-saving support. Although we know there is no "I" in team, there would be no "team" without the letters "me" - individual effort is essential. If ever we were all in this together, and in need of individual efforts, it is now, in this place and time.

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